The classic among thermometers

The Glass thermometers have a far-reaching tradition and analog thermometers have long been the method of choice for measuring body temperature. However, glass thermometers still offer some decisive advantages today. Due to the closed glass body, the thermometer can be disinfected as a whole and is ideal for allergy sufferers. And our thermometers have long since stopped containing toxic mercury. Today Galinstan is used as the measuring liquid.

We believe in a tradition that goes back more than 100 years and are convinced that it is still an environmentally friendly, reliable and, above all, durable variant of digital thermometers.

Important Documents


We produce our thermometer exclusively (95%) with raw materials from Germany. Properly stored, it accompanies you for a lifetime.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

This thermometer is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. The closed glass body is free of metals or plastics. It can also be cleaned and disinfected 100% safely.

Special glass from Germany

We only use special glass from Germany to manufacture our thermometer. The glass tube and the internal capillary are manufactured in-house.

Without batteries

The measuring principle of the thermometer is based on the thermal expansion of materials, which is why this thermometer does not need batteries. The non-toxic measuring liquid Galinstan replaces the previously known mercury.

Every thermometer is unique.

Our thermometer is real manual work and each of the 25 work steps is subject to strict quality control. Each thermometer is calibrated, which guarantees measurement accuracy. That is why there is a small line mark on every thermometer, after which the scale is fitted. This has an impact on how the scale looks, whether more or less white space or 35 °C is specified or not.

The different scales and the line mark are not a quality defect, but are due to the manual production and the uniqueness of each thermometer.

Reset measuring liquid

The measuring liquid must be reset before each new measurement. You can do this in no time with the included "easy flip" shaking aid. Place the thermometer in the device and grasp the upper end of the shaking aid between your thumb and forefinger. Now all you have to do is make the easy flip vibrate.


Measure and evaluate temperature correctly

Not only the right measurement time, but also the choice of a suitable measurement location are crucial for accurate measurement results.

A thermometer for all ages

The Geratherm® classic thermometer is intended for determining the body temperature of people of all ages. It is suitable for rectal, oral and axial measurement. We recommend rectal or oral measurement. For babies and children, the measurement should be performed and supervised by an adult. You can find more tips on measuring temperature here.


Rely on sustainability

With the purchase of a glass thermometer, you are choosing a durable product with consistent measuring accuracy. Always keep your thermometer safe in a protective case and you will enjoy it for a very long time.

The thermometer is delivered in a protective cover as standard. The classic XL variant contains a storage case with an integrated magnifying glass function and shaking aid.

Geratherm® classic XL - The storage case with integrated enlargement function

With the special storage case, the measurement results of the thermometer can be read even better. After the measurement, insert the thermometer into the slot and slide it into the case. The magnifying glass function helps you to read.

Technical Data

Measuring range 35,5 °C to 42,0 °C
Measurement accuracy +0,1 °C / - 0,15 °C
Intended purpose Medical glass thermometer for determining body temperature
Measuring locations rectal, oral, axillar
Storage conditions -15 °C to 42 °C

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