The wrist blood pressure monitor on the go

The Geratherm® wristwach is a blood pressure monitor for the wrist and is suitable for measurements at different locations. The blood pressure monitor runs on batteries and can be packed in a sturdy storage box for transport.

Important documents


In dem mitgelieferten Hartschalenetui aus Kunststoff bewahren Sie ihr Blutdruckmesserät zwischen den Messungen sicher auf.


Das Gerät lässt sich mit nur einem Knopf leicht bedienen.


Das Geratherm® wristwach hat einen integrierten Speicher für 42 Messwerte.

Technical Data

Measuring range 20 mmHg - 299 mmHg
Measurement accuracy ±3 mm Hg (blood pressure)
measurement method Oscillometric method
Intended purpose Determination of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate
power supply 2x Battery AAA (1,5V DC)
Cuff size 13,5 - 19,5 cm
Weigh approx. 133 g inkl. Battery and Cuff
Dimensions approx. 80 x 80 x 30 mm
Scope of delivery Device, cuff, USB cable, storage pouch
Please refer to the instructions for use for full technical data.

Questions and answers

No the Geratherm® wristwatch does not indicate an irregular heartbeat.

Yes, the battery can be changed.

The measurement can be taken on the left or right wrist. However, further measurements should always be taken on the same arm. Preferably on the arm where the higher blood pressure is to be measured.

Individual blood pressure changes several times a day. It is influenced by a wide variety of factors. Therefore, please make the measurements under the same conditions.

Please do not use this device if you are allergic to polyester, nylon or plastic.

To clean the case, use a cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent, and then wipe dry. Avoid thinners, petrol and other aggressive cleaning agents.