The Ergostik delivers reliable results for a wide range of performance

The Ergostik is a powerful CPET device used in a wide variety of fields, from simple fitness testing and sports medicine to cardio-respiratory differential diagnosis of dyspnea and perioperative diagnostics. The powerful BLUE CHERRY® diagnostic platform facilitates evaluation with flexible reports and useful diagnostic tools.


Lightweight flow sensor


You achieve maximum hygiene by exchanging the sennach for each patient.

Flexible representations

Graphics, tables and semi-automated reports can be customized.

Intelligent evaluation


Reliably detect all thresholds by combining the different models.

Can be combined in many ways

You can combine the Ergostik with a variety of ECGs, ergometers and treadmills.

Ergospirometry - cardio-pulmonary differential diagnostics

The cardiopulmonary stress test (CPET) supplements the classic stress test by measuring ventilation and metabolic parameters. Because this combination provides a more complete picture of the cardio-respiratory system, it increases the diagnostic value significantly, especially when it comes to systemic diseases or comorbidities. However, it also offers other clinically relevant information, such as VO2max and the anaerobic threshold, which are useful in diagnostics from preoperative assessment to performance diagnostic analysis.


Leight-weight flow sensor

Once again patient comfort was paramount during the design process of the Ergostik with its light and robust flow sensor, the Ergoflow: The face mask has less weight, improving patient comfort during the test procedure. As well as being one of the lightest flow sensors available the Ergoflow has no moving parts and no electronics making it incredibly robust and less prone to damage suffered by many flow devices.


Intelligent determination of thresholds

The powerful BLUE CHERRY® software suite for pulmonary function diagnostic assists in the calculation of the aerobic/anaerobic thresholds AT and RCP (according to Wasserman). An algorithm and a large number of stored models help to reliably determine the individual threshold values. The thresholds and defined cut offs, such as the cut off for oxygen uptake, are important prognostic and diagnostic values. In addition, the thresholds enable the creation of targeted training plans for each patient (before and after a medical intervention). Individual training plans can be modified and new plans created something that is particularly useful for athletes in training allowing the creation of multiple endurance and strength training plans for each individual.


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Accessories for ergostics

Blueflow & Softclip Set

Set of disposable low resistance flow sensor and comfortable nose clip. Continuous checks in production ensure reliable measurement results.


The Ambistik system extension continuously measures the temperature, air pressure and humidity of the environment. The Ambistik thus offers fully automatic BTPS correction in real time for precise measurement results.

Questions and answers

In addition to spiroergometry (CPET), the Ergostik can be used to measure slow vital capacity (SVC), forced vital capacity (FVC, flow/volume curve) and maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV).

Yes, a (semi-)automatic report according to ATS/ERS 2005 is included. In addition, a proprietary interpretation graphic allows a quick visual evaluation of the results.

With spiroergometry, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, load, speed and incline can also be recorded.


Yes, the acceptability and reproducibility of the spirometric examinations are automatically evaluated according to ATS/ERS 2005.

Target values ​​from GLI 2012, ECCS 1993, NHANES III, Zapletal and many more are available. These can be displayed as absolute target values, LLN, ULN, but also in relation to the measured values ​​as % target and Z score.

Yes, the data can be stored on a central SQL database. This means that the data can be accessed from several computers. The Spirostik Blue can be used together with other devices from Geratherm Respiratory in a network via the common BLUE CHERRY software platform.