The Bodystik optimizes patient comfort and procedures

The Bodystik is a full-body plethysmograph designed with patient and user comfort in mind. Many useful details make the routine in the practice easier and the examination more comfortable for the patients. The 5 large glass surfaces also make staying in the cabin pleasant and allow constant contact between operator and patient for optimal care.


Easy entry

The swiveling patient chair and low entry allows easy patient access.

Electrically height-adjustable tripod

You can optimally adjust the tripod for the patient at the push of a button, even when the door is closed.

Intuitive software


The user-friendly Blue Cherry software supports you with an automatic interpretation of findings.

Optimal patient care

The automatic measuring processes, software-based instructions and intercom system allow you to focus on the patient.

Body plethysmography - the gold standard in lung function diagnostics

Body plethysmography enables detailed diagnosis, classification and monitoring of lung diseases and expands the diagnostic value of spirometry. Therefore, they are indispensable tools in internal medicine and pneumology. Measuring total lung volume (TLC) or residual volume (RV) is essential for distinguishing between restrictive and obstructive lung disease. The diagnosis and classification of obstructive pulmonary diseases such as COPD or asthma can be aided by measuring airway resistance and airway content.


Focus on comfort

Both the extremely low door step and the unique design of the chair, which can be swiveled out by 60 degrees, simplify access to the cabin for the elderly and disabled. Patients can sit down outside the cabin and be swung in comfortably for testing – also ideal for wheelchair users. For an optimal position, the tripod can be electronically positioned at the correct height from the outside at any time.



[Translate to English:] Optimale Patientenbetreuung

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Der Patientenkomfort wird durch die ESD-Verglasung an allen Seiten und an der Oberseite erhöht, die eine freie Sicht auf die Umgebung und ein helles, komfortables Gefühl im Inneren ermöglicht. Die Glasscheiben ermöglichen eine klare visuelle Kommunikation, die Hand in Hand mit der integrierten Gegensprechanlage geht, die es dem Patienten ermöglicht, die Anweisungen des Benutzers während der Testphase deutlich zu hören.

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Add-on CO Diffusion

Expands the range of functions of the Bodystik for measuring the diffusion capacity of the lungs using the single-breath method.


High filtration rate bacterial/viral filter to protect against cross contamination.

Questions and answers


The Bodystik can be used to measure slow vital capacity (SVC), forced vital capacity (FVC, flow/volume curve), thoracic gas volume (TGV), airway resistance (Resistance, Rocc, Rint), maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV) and the Respiratory drive (MIP, MEP, P0.1) can be measured.

Yes, a (semi-)automatic report according to ATS/ERS 2005 is included. In addition, a proprietary interpretation graphic allows a quick visual evaluation of the results.

Yes, a (semi-)automatic report according to ATS/ERS 2005 is included. In addition, a proprietary interpretation graphic allows a quick visual evaluation of the results.

The target values ​​GLI2021, GLI 2012, ECCS 1993, NHANES III, Zapletal and many more are available. These can be displayed as absolute target values, LLN, ULN, but also in relation to the measured values ​​as % target and Z score.

Yes, the data can be stored on a central SQL database. This means that the data can be accessed from several computers. The Spirostik Blue can be used together with other devices from Geratherm Respiratory in a network via the common BLUE CHERRY software platform.