Diffustik - The flexible CO diffusion

The Geratherm Respiratory Diffustik is the ideal measurement device for lung diffusion, offering reliable, reproducible results from an infrared fast gas analyser. Diffustik has been developed as part of a modular system which can be expanded with the addition of further modules. Thus the carbon monoxide diffusion capacity (DLCO) and accompanying spirometry parameters, such as flow-volume and MVV, can be enhanced with other diagnostically relevant values, such as MIP/MEP, Rocc/Rint or respiratory resistance and lung volumes, with the addition of hardware and software options.



Großer Schwenkbereich

Die Höhe kann schnell über einen großen Bereich angepasst werden und erlaubt Messungen im Stehen und Sitzen.

Modulares Konzept

Die CO-Diffusion kann mit weiteren Optionen wie MIP/MEP, Rocc/Rint erweitert oder in den Bodystik integriert werden.


Die Mitarbeit des Patienten wird nach ATS/ERS ausgewertet und ein Feedback gegeben.

Intuitive Software

Benutzerfreundlich mit automatischer Befundinterpretation

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Zubehör zu Bodystick accessoriesm Bodystik


Expands the functionality of the diffusik to measure respiratory drive using MIP/MEP



High filtration rate bacterial/viral filter to protect against cross contamination.

Questions and answers

In addition to the diffusion capacity of the lungs after single breath (DLco), the slow vital capacity (SVC), the forced vital capacity (FVC, flow/volume curve), the airway resistance (Rocc, Rint), the maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV ) and respiratory drive (MIP, MEP, P0.1) can be measured.


Yes, a (semi-)automatic report according to ATS/ERS 2005 is included. In addition, a proprietary interpretation graphic allows a quick visual evaluation of the results.

Yes, the acceptability and reproducibility of the examinations are automatically evaluated according to ATS/ERS 2005.


Target values ​​from GLI 2012, ECCS 1993, NHANES III, Zapletal and many more are available. These can be displayed as absolute target values, LLN, ULN, but also in relation to the measured values ​​as % target and Z score.

Yes, the data can be stored on a central SQL database. This means that the data can be accessed from several computers. The Diffustik can be used together with other devices from Geratherm Respiratory in a network via the common BLUE CHERRY software platform.